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Founded in 1969

The Essenburg family established Quality Car Wash in 1969. The first location was at 523 West 17th Street in Holland, Michigan. Quality Car Wash has grown (and continues to grow) to several locations today in West Michigan offering a variety of services. These locations offer gas stations, convenience stores, vacuums and express car washes.

Proudly serving
West Michigan.

Quality Car Wash has grown to a family of 8 locations today in West Michigan offering a variety of services. Five locations offer gas stations & convenience stores, and all locations offer an express carwash tunnel & vacuums.

In addition to those locations that are already in operation, Quality Car Wash is continually looking to expand within the West Michigan market with new locations!

The Tommy’s Express app powers our unlimited club. Quality Car Wash has partnered with Tommy’s Express to offer a completely automated unlimited club process, allowing you to wash in Holland as well as all Tommy’s Express locations nationwide! You control your account via an app with no sticker on your car. The club operates via the license plate on your vehicle. Download the Tommy’s Express app to get started today!

Hall Of Fame

“One of our amazing owners, Tom Essenburg was inducted into the car wash hall of fame at The Car Wash Show 2019, in recognition of his long service and influential career in the car wash industry.” watch the video

Why We Do What We Do.

Enriching Lives.
Adding Value.
Serving Communities.

We are committed to providing an exceptional guest experience and doing our part in enriching the lives of each of our guests and team members. We continue to actively seek opportunities to improve the lives of those around us. Lastly, we love giving back. It’s why we do what we do, giving back to the communities we serve with finances, time, opportunities and relationships.